Shipping Setup

Shipping Setup

Shipping Setup 

This article will show you how to setup built-in or Ship Engine shipping for your location

Proceed to

Turn on “Enable Shipping” at the bottom

Choose Built-In or Ship Engine

For Built-In Shipping  

- Set your Shipping range (miles)

Set Shipping fee

Flat – Base rate for all shipping

Set shipping fee settings (Flat)

Radius – Add a new radius record

Select Edit

- Enter in distance for the radius

Set price based on radius

Select update to save

Graphical user interface, application, TeamsDescription automatically generated

Order Total – Add a new order total record 

Select Edit

Enter in order total

Set price based on the new total

Select update to save

TableDescription automatically generated

Select SAVE

For Ship Engine – 

Create an account on -

Ship Engine works with UPS, USPS, and FedEx

 Once your account is created, grab the API key to enter into FranPOS

Enter in an Upcharge amount if you would like to add a percentage or amount to cover charges

Select SAVE

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