Booking Settings - Department type

Booking Settings - Department type

Service-providing business can use the booking feature to schedule and manage appointments with customers.

Add Department

  • Settings >> General >> Booking settings
  1. Select ‘+’ icon
  2. Name the Department e.g. massage & Add The duration time  
  3. Click ‘Save’ to proceed


Add Department type

  1. Click on ‘+’ icon
  2. Name the booking type and choose booking color
  3. Click ‘Save’ to proceed


Booking Settings

  1. Enable allow to book or view appointments
  2. Enable to send appointment reminder to customers
  3. Enable to send appointment confirmation via email, SMS using 3rd party providers
  4. Click ‘Save’ to proceed


Booking Payments

  1. Enable credit for your online store to be shown on the website
  2. Sign up for to use pay online feature which can be given from your merchant processor e.g. Login id and transaction key.
  3. Click ‘Save’ to proceed


Online Booking settings

  1. Enable online booking 
  2. HTML code will be given to the professional web developer to connect your website to use franpos booking
  3. Click ‘Save’ to proceed


Video Tutorial 



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