Form Customization - Customer/Employee

Form Customization - Customer/Employee

The Customize customer/employee fields page allows the user to customize the fields within the Employee, Customer, or Secondary Contact (Salon only) profiles. This page also allows you to make changes such as fields being mandatory or shown to existing fields.

This page is only available from the parent company location, and the settings apply globally to every location within the organization.

Please note: First name, Last Name are fields that cannot be turned off. In addition, when creating a new customer in the back office or POS, at least one form of contact information (email, work phone, cell phone) will be required. 

How do I create a custom field?

Go to Settings > Customize customer/employee fields

1. Click on the "+" icon

2. You will see a pop-up with the following information:

- Label 

- Mandatory

- Show in the lead form (Custom signup form)

- Input type (Textbox, Toggle, List)

3. Press 'Add' to proceed.



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