Pax/s300 Find the IP Address

Pax/s300 Find the IP Address


This article will show you how to find the IP Address of your Pax S300 Pin Pad Reader.

If you can't see the Pax S300 in your POS and you've made sure that the device is configured properly, please go to Settings > Devices > Pin Pad Settings.

In the image below, you see that the Franpos App has not found a Pin Pad. Please press on "Scan Network" in order to find the Pin Pad.


If you have plugged your PAX S300 into the network and you still can't see the PAX device on this page, it may be due to a networking issue in your store. In order for your PAX device to appear, your PAX device and your Franpos Register need to be on the same subnet.

To make sure both your PAX device and Franpos Register are on the same subnet, you need to find the IP address of your PAX device. On your PAX device, click the "Menu" button on your PAX S300 (note, you're going to need to know the password to the device to follow these troubleshooting steps, usually it's 1234):


On the next page, click the down arrow:


Next, click the "Communication" button:


On the "Communication Options" page, click the down arrow:


Click "3. LAN Parameters" on the next page:


Click "2. IP Address" on the next page:


On the next page, you will see the IP address assigned to your PAX S300:


In order to confirm that your PAX S300 and Franpos Register are on the same subnet, you need to compare the first three sets of numbers in the IP address on both your PAX Device and your Franpos Register. 

Once you get both IP addresses, you should compare them: (PAX Device) (Computer)

If the first three sets of numbers match (highlighted in bold), then you know they are on the same subnet. If the first three sets of numbers don't match, it is likely that you or your Internet Service Provider will need to reconfigure your router to put them on the same subnet.

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