Time Clock Settings

Time Clock Settings

In this article, you will learn about the various settings you can configure for the time clock.

  • Settings >> Employees >> Time Clock Settings


1. Set the maximum hours an employee can work per day, before the overtime pay rate takes effect.

2. Set the maximum hours an employee can work per week, before the overtime pay rate takes effect for the remainder of the week.

3. Set the first day of the week for the purposes of calculating weekly overtime hours.

4. Set whether the logged-in employee (tablet register) must be clocked-in to make any sale.

5. Set whether or not an employee must be scheduled to be working in order to clock-in.

6. Set whether or not an employee can clock-in while they are in the middle of taking a break.

7. Define the minimum age an employee must be to be considered an adult. Those below this number will be considered minors.

8. Define the maximum number of hours a minor is permitted to work, per week.

9. Set whether or not clocking-out should also sign-out the active user on the POS.

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