eCommerce Setup

eCommerce Setup

In this training, you will learn how to setup your eCommerce. Prerequisite - My Plan and Billing > Enable eCommerce

Navigate to Settings > My Website

1. Online Ordering URL.- It Consists of two parts .A sub domain name you choose followed by  ( example : ).
2. Host Mapping - Use this setting to map one of your own domain names to Franpos Online Ordering . ( example : instead of )
3. Title -  example : Franpos Pets Store 
4. Keyword - example : Franpos, Pets , Store
5. Description - example : Franpos Pets Store - best products for your pets. 

6. Click on Browse and upload a picture that you want to use as a logo.

7. Click on Save.

To continue - Navigate to Settings and select eCommerce under Add-On

1. Turn on the toggle " Enable online ordering " - Enable Online Ordering only after all setup is done menu, products etc are defined
2. Please type in how far out can customers order - example : 30 days 
3. Turn the toggle which says Receive Email Notification ( Store will receive an email once the order is placed )
4. Type in the email address you want to receive the notifications to.
5. You can also enable SMS notifications
6. Turn on Allow Notes if you would like the customer to be able to add notes to their order
7. Allow Guest Checkout if you will not require a customer to login

On "Payment Methods: 

1- You can Enable/Disable 'Pay at the store' (Optional)
2- You can Enable/Disable 'Gift card payment method' (Optional)
3- You can Enable/Disable 'Pay by Account (Optional)
4- You can Enable/Disable 'Discounts' (Optional)
5- You can Enable/Disable 'Tipping' (Optional)
6- You can Enable/Disable 'Check Payment Method' (Optional)
7- Click ‘Save’ to proceed

In order to set up Delivery please follow these instructions :

Go to Settings > Delivery

1. Define how many days ahead a customer can order
2. Select the minimum delivery amount for ordering
3. Select a delivery range
4. Define the delivery fee
      a. Flat
      b. Radius
      c. Order Total
      d. Zip Codes
      e. Zones
5. Define delivery fees based on hours/days
6. Add the delivery processing time
7. Enable self-delivery (optional) - if you would like your own employees to deliver the orders
      a. You can define delivery amounts per driver
      b. Assign orders to drivers
8. Show ETA to customer - Drive Time + Average Prep Time + Delivery Processing Time
9. Click on save.

10.  Once done please click on Employee tab on the left side and click on each employee profile and follow the instructions as in the picture below. Enable the toggle " Receive Delivery Orders ".

10. When you turn the toggle on that particular employee will receive orders to deliver when they login to the FranPOS delivery app.
11. Click on save.

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